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The Captain's Trial

Curator: Ravit Harari

Exhibition: walls in disarray

Beit hagefen

The work was inspired by the Haifa court building, which was inaugurated in 2001, and overlooks the downtown suburbs, including the ruins of the Wadi Salib neighborhood, which is full of social and political burdens. The vast and impressive structure was inspired by the Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, as it boasts transparent iron and glass sections that seek to express "the transparency of legal activity in a democratic state" as its planners say. Behind the words and intentions lies a magnificent and enclosed building, spun in its inclusion, which dominates a wounded urban environment, and the remains of a historic area, some of which was demolished for the purpose of erecting the temple. Nitzan Set reconstructs the building's translucent glass-and-iron porch, which protrudes like a transparent ship's bow from the outside but sealed to its surroundings, straddling the remains of the houses and the desert around it. The iron and glass structure cut off from the original building, invades the exhibition space and clings to the walls of the historic building as a violent architectural parasite. In the foyer of the entrance, it is powerful and intimidating over the heads of visitors as a ship that has been boarded, an ironic reminder of the phrase "justice above all."

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