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Mountain Language

Curator: Tzipi Geva

EXHIBITION: Mountain Language

Haifa Muaseum of Art

The works derive from the architectural structure of thoughts (sometimes of utopian nature) about structure, construction within the real. It is fascinating to see how this starting point is transformed into a functionally grounded, guided and produced transformation into the world of abstract ideals.


This is a characteristic of the fascinating dialogue that has taken place in recent years in the middle ground between art and architecture and reflects the current interest in artistic discourse in the public urban space and the way in which new architecture tends to open up and draw more and more from theoretical space and art.


In this work, a sculptural structure made of arms of physical character, skin color and sensual formations. The structure rises from the floor and climbs up in a way that simulates an impromptu construction that highlights the organicity of the pieces and creates a fascinating contrast between the architectural (the geometric constructive) and the physical (the diffuse, the sensual, the erotic).

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