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tHE Planned

Curators: Amir Pollak, Dan Alon

Exhibition: Metropolitan- Resistance Topology

Hanina Gallery

A joint project of three artists, Nitzan Satt, Ruth Oppenheim and Uri Carmeli Leonov.

The name of the work refers to a concept which comes from Nati Marom  - the "planned" residents of the city who create it but rarely get to take part in its design.


The work consists of electronic mechanisms installed by the artists in the public space surrounding the gallery. These disguised mechanisms, coalesce and are parasitic to substances found in the street. programmed to detect and respond to human presence.

Contrary to the nature of electronic devices that are common in the public domain (antennas, surveillance cameras, digital advertising signs, etc.), these objects reside in the realm between monitoring and means of expression, and offer us to intervene in the space around us.

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