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Predetermined Authenticity

Curator: Yakov Hefetz

Exhibition: The Turkih Market

The Turikish Market, Haifa Municipal Council

The installation “Predetermined Authenticity”  suggest a kind of fake campaign for the Turkish market in Haifa , through the use of signposting that includes false statements  and distorted architectural preservation action, the campaign aims to promote a suspicious point of view among the visitors of the site and to expose  the manipulative and political aspect of of preservation as an act of forming a public consciousness, memory and identity.


The changes taking place in the fabric of the Turkish Market express the hidden power embodied  in the  combination preservation -branding.  Two actions which are actually one well  synchronized  move designed to totally control the visual and social reality of the area.

This move  contains deep manipulations, concealment, externalization, pasting, framing etc. in a softened, flattering manner which makes it difficult to question its credibility

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