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the tribal Fire

Curators: Iris Pashdecki, Gili Zeidman, Omri Ben Artzi

Exhibition: Hamekarer

The Wholesale Market, Tel-Aviv

Mixed technique: wood, metal, gravel, sand


The installation refers to the public domain as the "bonfire" which expels from itself the physically disabled, minorities, youth groups, old people in nursing homes, ugliness, breastfeeding women, obese people, the mentally ill, the homeless, transsexuals and more.


The act of exclusion rests on the infrastructures defined as the public good and in the name of political correctness it's executed with elegant and well-disguised force.


The exhibition aims to provide a platform for dealing with content that lies beneath the surface by addressing images of conservation, storage, cooling and the stretching of natural time. Thus the exhibition taking place in an underground space is symbolic in itself.



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